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Orlando Wrongful Death Attorneys

Orlando Wrongful Death Attorneys

Florida Statutes Section 678.18 states that a wrongful death occurs “when the death of a person is caused by the wrongful act, negligence, default, or breach of contract or warranty of any person.” With the exception of willful murder, most wrongful deaths occur unintentionally and usually from negligence. These include things like medical malpractice, other common medical errors, a car accident, bicycle accident, an accident at the workplace, a faulty consumer product and being provided an illegal drug. This can also include criminal acts such as violent robberies, drunk driving or another negligent act by a driver who is determined to be at fault. Wrongful death can also occur in a nursing home or assisted living facility when there is a lack of care or negligence. If there has been a wrongful death, “the estate of the deceased person may bring a civil lawsuit in Florida’s courts, seeking a legal remedy for that death and the losses stemming from it.”

Wrongful death lawyers who focus on wrongful death lawsuits see many cases that have common issues:

  •     Automobile, commercial truck, bicycle or motorcycle accidents
  •     Medical malpractice
  •     Medical errors
  •     Birth injuries
  •     Product defects
  •     Occupational exposure and hazards
  •     Accidents on public or private property
  •     Crimes, including violence, shootings and stabbings, and also includes robbery or drunk driving
  •     Activities, including day care, adult care and field trips that were supervised
  •     Nursing home or assisted living abuse, neglect or lack of care

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A wrongful death lawsuit can be quite complicated; gathering evidence, talking to witnesses, researching relevant case law. It is all to be started within the statute of limitations and will likely coincide with the grief you’re experiencing over the loss of your loved one. It’s important that you have a trusted adviser who knows and understands the process. Someone who can help guide you in seeking justice in one of the most stressful times in your life.

If your family member has been the victim of wrongful death, you need the services of our Orlando wrongful death attorneys. We encourage you to contact us online so that we can learn more about your potential case and review it at no charge.

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