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“I am a single mother with 5 children facing health, financial, emotional and more challenges all at once. Desperate while seeking for help I made errors due to lack of information and no experiences. When I called the lawyer’s office to set up an appointment I had the blessing of talking to Tanya first. It was amazing that there was no judgment towards me, showing excellent listening skills even with my accent. She was very professional, caring, and at the same time, polite. She made me feel like if she knew me forever. When I met with her and Jeff the lawyer all I was doing is trying to get some information and see if there was a way to correct the errors I made due ignorance and to learn what kind of consequences I was about to face. They took my case. They have taken care of me step by step in an amazing and wonderful way. A lot of professionals are hungry for money and want money, but there are only a few who truly care for their client. To tell you the truth, it is not truly about me but the well being of my children in the process of everything I’ve been facing. Jeff, Tanya and the staff have been honest, professional, and caring. They don’t say it but they show it. This is great!!! I recommend for you to give yourself an opportunity to meet them and trust that they will do what is the right and best for you and your family. No, I am not being paid by anyone to say these words which are even better. A lot of businesses pay to get great feedback, but they don’t.     

Knowledgeable & Compassionate!

Posted by Badgley Law Group“The decision to file bankruptcy is never an easy one. After incurring a large amount of debt due to my wife’s chronic health conditions, we were struggling to make ends meet, even with both of us working. Contacting Jeff Badgley was the best decision! He was very considerate and took the time to set our minds at ease about the process and the ramifications. His office was available anytime my wife or I had a question, which was often. I cannot recommend Badgley Law Group more highly. They are personable, knowledgeable, and compassionate to their clients.”    

The Best Law Group EVER

Posted by Badgley Law Group
“The Badgley Law Group was very helpful to me. They treated me with the utmost respect, always kept in touch, not like most lawyers you never hear from. Attorney Badgley and his staff helped me to get my life back on track and went above and beyond the norm to make sure my case was no stress and completed timely. I couldn’t have asked for a better law group.
Thank you Badgley Law Group!!!.”

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