Railroad Accident Attorney Jeff Badgley Discusses Sunrail Safety In Orlando

Ever since Sunrail’s inaugural ride in May 2014, Orlando drivers have been forced to adopt new safety habits to deal with the trains that now run on Central Florida’s 31 miles of track. The path to Sunrail safety is not smooth: our commuter rail has been involved in 13 auto accidents in 19 months, many caused by cars stalling or stopping on railroad crossings. Orlando accident attorney Jeff Badgley and his personal injury law firm Badgley Law Group have been monitoring the incidents through this website, which keeps riders and citizens updated on the latest Sunrail safety news.          Continue Reading

Sunrail Accident Safety: What You Need To Know

Sunrail Accident Safety: What You Need To Know

The SunRail commuter rail system transports about 1800 people per day down its 32-mile track, according to this analysis of recent figures.

Want to know another striking number? In the 15 months Sunrail has been operational, the train has already been involved in 10 incidents. That’s one Sunrail accident per every 47 days of service.
The headlines tell only part of the tale: “Driver trying to ‘beat the train’ caused SunRail crash, police say.”        Continue Reading

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