Changes To Florida Wrongful Death Act Could Give Recourse To Parents Of Adult Children

Will The Hospital Be Sued For Patient Dumping Under EMTALA Law?

In 2004, a 38-year-old man named Pete Thomas was admitted to a New Port Richey, Florida hospital for abdominal pain. Six weeks later he was dead, suffering cardiac and respiratory arrest after he was administered what his mother says was a lethal mix of medication. Twelve years have passed, and Thomas’s mother Linda Porter still does not have the answers she seeks. A subpoena–served as part of a wrongful death lawsuit filed by a Florida attorney against the doctors and hospitals that treated Thomas–would offer more details into what went wrong.         Continue Reading

Florida Family Sues For Medical Malpractice After A Cancer Misdiagnosis

In January 2016, local Jacksonville basketball coach and former pro player Rex Morgan died of oral cancer after being told by a doctor that his biopsies were cancer-free. Morgan’s widow Kathleen has now filed a misdiagnosis lawsuit with a malpractice attorney against the pathologist and the lab that examined her husband’s biopsy slides, claiming that had his cancer been found sooner, Morgan might still be alive.         Continue Reading

Central Florida Health Care Provider Took Shortcuts on Cancer Patient Care

From news reports, Central Florida residents learned that Altamonte Springs-based Adventist Health System Sunbelt Healthcare (known to our community by its trade names, “Florida Hospital” and “Florida Hospital Medical Group”) was accused by the Department of Justice of knowingly administering potentially contaminated chemotherapy drugs to patients. “The fact that Adventist Health admitted to improper acts and agreed to pay $2.09 million to the federal government is not going to restore public faith,” explains Orlando medical malpractice attorney Jeff Badgley. “The fact is, hospital medical malpractice is rampant in Central Florida, and our community has good reason to be concerned.”        Continue Reading

How Her Hospital Negligence Lawsuit Situation Is Progressing

In our last post about Barbara Dawson, the Florida woman who died after being forcibly removed from a hospital where she sought medical treatment, we wondered whether Calhoun Liberty Hospital would be sued for medical malpractice and charged with dumping under EMTALA law. The verdict is in, and it’s not pretty: while no lawsuits against Calhoun Liberty have been reported yet, the hospital has been cited by Florida’s AHCA (Agency for Health Care Administration) for 10 deficiencies and asked to draft a plan for addressing those issues. Here are more details about this tragic medical malpractice story.        Continue Reading

Lawsuit Mediation for Medical Malpractice Cases

Lawsuit Mediation for Medical Malpractice Cases

For our readers who may become involved  in an Orlando lawsuit mediation, you’ll be interested to learn that earlier this month, Mayor Buddy Dyer declared the third week of October to be Mediation Week in Orlando. The purpose is to acknowledge that:

  1. dispute resolution has grown tremendously
  2. mediation is one of several appropriate dispute resolution processes;
  3. there are multiple paths to justice;
  4. and the concentrated expertise of dispute resolution practitioners is helping parties find lasting solutions to complex problems.

So, how does this relate to medical malpractice lawsuits, and the services provided by Badgley Law Group in Orlando, Florida?        Continue Reading

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