Survival Swimming Skills and Pool Safety in Central Florida

Survival Swimming Skills and Pool Safety in Central Florida

In Central Florida, pools outnumber alligators. When I fly back home to Orlando after a trip out of town, I’m struck by the number of pools dotting the landscape below as the plane descends over the city. So many pools, so many safety hazards.

Pools and Liability

Owning a pool is one of the most significant liabilities you’ll take on in your lifetime. If you have children, teaching them water safety at an early age is essential, both to protect them when they’re near your pool and to keep them safe when they’re near other pools. Knowing how the law relates to pools and liability is my job, but this issue strikes a personal chord as well.        Continue Reading

Steps to Take After an Auto Accident

Orlando auto accident attorneys

According to Forbes magazine, the average driver is involved in an accident that leads to an auto insurance claim every 17.9 years. Since car accidents are so common, we suggest arming yourself with these guidelines for how to manage yourself and those around you post-accident:

1. Check for injuries. After a collision, it’s important to make sure that you, the driver(s) and any passengers are not hurt. If someone is injured, get help right away. Call 9-1-1 if needed.        Continue Reading

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