5 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

According to statistics, the average FICO credit score is currently 695, an all-time high in the United States. Although there are different scoring models, resulting in the fluctuation of this figure by a few points, the majority fall between 660 and 720. Roughly 14% of the population does not have any credit score – this is what is labeled as “credit invisible”. Because of this, these people will have problems obtaining new lines of credit. For lenders, a credit score can determine how much of a risk a potential barrower might be. Beyond simply approving someone for a loan, a credit score can determine how big a line of credit a person can get, and most importantly, how high the interest rate will be.    Continue Reading

How Much Should Orlando Hospital Ratings Affect Your Healthcare Decisions?

How Much Should Orlando Hospital Ratings Affect Your Healthcare Decisions?

Apart from being known as one of the most fun and exciting vacation destinations in the world, central Florida is also home to some of the best hospitals regionally, as well as nationwide.  And Orlando hospital ratings are some of the best out of all ratings across the United States. According to the 2016 Best Hospital Rankings by US News, Orlando Regional Medical Center ranks nationally in 5 pediatric specialties, number 11 regionally; while Florida Hospital is ranked regionally at number 6 among hospitals in the state with marks for high performance in 9 adult conditions and procedures.    Continue Reading

Does the Age of the Victim Matter in a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Personal Injury lawyer

In many situations, when someone is involved in an accident, it is not just the injury victim who is affected. While it may only be one person who is hurt in a car accident, bicycle accident, dog bite, or slip and fall, their entire family may be impacted, too. Spouses, children, parents and others who rely on the injured person may also experience a change in their lives. As a result, a single accident may result in several personal injury lawsuits.    Continue Reading

What Are Some Of The Ways A Traumatic Brain Injury Can Be Misdiagnosed And What Are The Legal Ramifications?

Traumatic brain injury covers a broad spectrum of symptoms and disabilities, making it one of the most complex of diagnoses to undertake. In severe cases, traumatic brain injury (TBI) is easily evident. Less severe cases are another story entirely. When TBI isn’t obvious, the risk of traumatic brain injury misdiagnosis and delayed treatment increases.    Continue Reading

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