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If you are like most people, then you have a certain degree of trust when it comes to your primary physician. When going in for routine checkups, a doctor may notice some irregularities that will require them to do some additional testing. Since the doctors are human, the diagnosis they make for your health problems may not always be correct. In some instances, a misdiagnosis can lead to a variety of additional health issues. The Journal of the American Medical Association reports that nearly 10 to 15 percent of the diagnoses made by medical professionals are wrong.

Dealing with the fallout from a medical misdiagnosis can cost you a lot of time and money. Getting the compensation for your pain and suffering is what our medical misdiagnosis lawyer in Orlando can help you with.  If a condition is misdiagnosed, this means the actual condition will be left untreated for long periods of time. Dealing with serious health issues without the proper treatment can lead to a variety of complications.

Have You Been the Victim of a Medical Misdiagnosis?

If you feel like you have been the victim of a medical misdiagnosis, then you need to reach out to us for help. Rather than suffering in silence and accumulating more medical bills in the process, you can find out what your rights are and what the next logical step in your case should be. The medical misdiagnosis attorney at the Badgley Law Group has experience in helping people just like you get compensation from injuries sustained from a bad medical diagnosis. Coming in for a consultation is the best way to find out what needs to be done to file a lawsuit and get the money you need to get on with your life.

Common Types of Medical Misdiagnoses

While every case is different, there are a variety of medical misdiagnoses that are quite common. Getting to know about these misdiagnoses can help you greatly when deciding to take legal action against a doctor who has acted in a negligent manner.

  • Cancer Misdiagnosis: Perhaps the most frequently misdiagnosed disease out there is cancer. The only way to beat this horrible disease is by detecting it early and treating it aggressively. Many experts feel that a cancer misdiagnosis is caused by the doctor failing to use proper screening protocols.
  • Infection Misdiagnosis: A Harvard Medical study found that infection is the second most commonly misdiagnosed condition in the United States. Not only is this condition commonly misdiagnosed, but negligence on behalf of a hospital’s medical staff can lead to serious infections.
  • Heart-Related Misdiagnoses: Another very common misdiagnosis has to do with a person’s heart. Generally, when a person is not diagnosed as having heart issues, they are at higher risk of dying from a heart attack. Usually, women are at higher risk of being misdiagnosed for this type of condition than men.


With the help of our medical misdiagnosis lawyer at the The Badgley Law Group in Orlando, you will be able to get help building your case.

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