Litigation Paralegal

Mary has worked in the legal field of Family Law and Civil Litigation since 2001, when she became certified as a Paralegal in California.  She received her Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from the University of Phoenix.  She has worked closely with Federal criminal cases in pursuit of civil compensation for the States of Texas, Washington, D.C., South Dakota, Ohio and California.

In 2014, Mary decided to make the move to The Sunshine State, where she became a part of the Badgley Law Group.  Mary’s experience has been working with larger firms in Los Angeles, but made the transition to a smaller firm to work closer with clients.

Mary chose this field because of her love of helping others.  Mary has been closely involved with personal injury lawsuits in her own family, and that leaves her with the desire to help clients receive the best representation the firm can provide.

Mary is fluent in Spanish, and on her spare time, volunteers for the youth groups at her church.    She also is the proud owner of one very cute poodle, Lulu, who can sometimes be seen in the halls of our law firm.

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