Does a Notice of Garnishment Hearing Eliminate all Your Options?

Garnishment Work Florida

As you continue to deal with the ever-mounting debt that you have accumulated, it may feel as though you can physically feel the weight of these debts. Having outstanding balances can lead to quite a bit of stress and even if you want to get your financial affairs in order, you may have very little money to spare when it comes to paying down or paying off your balances.        Continue Reading

You Can’t Charge Bankruptcy Attorney Fees On A Credit Card. Here’s Why.

The rules are clear here in Orlando, Florida and anywhere else: if you’re filing for Chapter 7, you cannot charge your bankruptcy lawyer fees on a credit card.
Any Orlando bankruptcy attorney who reads the bankruptcy code knows that it specifically prevents us from counseling a client to go into debt to pay for a bankruptcy attorney’s fees.   Also, when you file for Chapter 7, the court will scrutinize any last-minute credit card debts to determine whether they are dis chargeable, since these charges could be viewed as evidence of bankruptcy fraud.  Also, any expenditures for “luxury items” during the 90 days before you file could result in the court denying you a discharge of your debts.           Continue Reading

Orlando Hospital CEOs Are Non-Profiting Millionaires

The CEO of Orlando’s second largest hospital system resigned last week after a year of bad press for Orlando Health, Inc.  Most of the controversy has centered around the slashing of jobs and pay for the primary asset of the hospital system: its staff of health care providers. But the hospital board’s “acceptance of resignation” (corporate-speak for firing), has nothing to do with the hospital’s troubled relations with its front line workers. As the Orlando Business Journal was quick to report, this change of guard was about one thing: the hospital’s poor financial performance. So far this year, the eight hospital conglomerate is losing  $12.2 million on its operations. (However, according to the OBJ, the hospital corporation’s investment income turns this red ink into a positive cash flow of 13.2 million dollars. Yes, you read that right: during the first three quarters this health care conglomerate generated $25 million from its capital assets!)        Continue Reading