Does a Notice of Garnishment Hearing Eliminate all Your Options?

Garnishment Work Florida

As you continue to deal with the ever-mounting debt that you have accumulated, it may feel as though you can physically feel the weight of these debts. Having outstanding balances can lead to quite a bit of stress and even if you want to get your financial affairs in order, you may have very little money to spare when it comes to paying down or paying off your balances.        Continue Reading

Facebooking Judge Gets Unfriended by the Court

Florida judges and lawyers on Facebook are in the news again. A Seminole County circuit court judge, who sent a friend request on Facebook to a litigant before her court, is now the subject of an opinion issued from Florida’s Fifth District appeal court.  This judge sent a Facebook “friend request” to the wife in a divorce action after she presided over the final hearing, but before issuing her ruling. Acting on the advice of her lawyer, the wife did not respond. The judge then issued her ruling, which the wife believed unfairly saddled her with the couple’s marital debt and gave her now ex-husband an excessive alimony award. The wife then moved to recuse the judge, arguing that the judge retaliated against her for refusing her friend request. Remarkably, the judge refused this request.        Continue Reading

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy not for everyone – can you pass the means test?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the fastest legal way to discharge unmanageable debt.  However, many people who come to me for advice on filing bankruptcy are surprised to learn that they earn too much income to qualify for this form of debt relief.  This week, I spoke with a gentleman who was a perfect candidate for a chapter 7 bankruptcy: a recent divorce has left his personal finances in disarray, with a mortgaged house that neither he and his former wife can afford to pay.  However, this father of one earns $85,000.00 a year – too much income to qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy.        Continue Reading