Bankruptcy for Millionaires: Can I File Chapter 7 or 13 In Florida?

Bankruptcy for Millionaires: Can I File Chapter 7 or 13 In Florida?

True or false: if I make a lot of money or have a lot of assets, then I can’t file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in the state of Florida.


Don’t fall for that common myth about bankruptcy for millionaires. Even if you have a high net worth, you’re eligible to file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. In fact, bankruptcy is a smart solution for many savvy business people whose entrepreneurial ventures fail, or who don’t have enough capital to satisfy their business liabilities. The advantages of bankruptcy can also help employees forced to take early retirement from a well-paying job.     Continue Reading

Same-Sex Married Couple Files for Bankruptcy in Orlando

Badgley Law Group is committed to the rights of all married couples, and helping them through the bankruptcy process. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we present to you a case study of our Chapter 7 clients Kyle and Joshua, a Deland couple who married in Washington, D.C. in 2013. Did you know that until a few years ago, same-sex couples couldn’t file a joint petition for bankruptcy? Had Kyle and Joshua come to us for help then, we could not have facilitated a joint Chapter 7 filing.     Continue Reading

How Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Can Help Get Rid Of Medical Debt

Studies show that medical debt is the leading cause of bankruptcy in our country, as evidenced by the trending search phrase “problems paying my medical bills.” For the millions of Americans struggling with this burden, filing for bankruptcy with a local attorney can be a tool for gaining financial freedom. Read on to learn how Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help get rid of medical debt.     Continue Reading