America’s Maternal Mortality Rate Epidemic


Sadly, many of the medical malpractice cases our firm handles involve the death or sever injury related to pregnancy.  According to ProPublica, an independent and non-profit investigative journal, there are an estimated 700-900 women that died from pregnancy related causes in the year 2016. ProPublica’s article, “Lost Mothers,” claims to have identified 134 of these mothers.        Continue Reading

Common Birth Injuries Due to Medical Errors

According to statistics, seven out of every 1000 children in the United States are born with a birth injury. And in 2006 out of 4.3 million childbirths that happened in a hospital, an estimated 157,000 mothers and babies suffered injuries that could have been avoided. Most of those injuries are caused during a natural childbirth and are mainly caused by medical instruments. Most of these injuries fall under medical malpractice, and medical negligence.        Continue Reading