Medical Malpractice: Improper Blood Transfusions

blood donation

   January is recognized annually as National Blood Donation Month. The goal is to increase donations for lifesaving blood supplies to improve the health or save the lives of those in need. The American Red Cross reports that approximately 13,000 blood donations are needed daily to keep the blood supply ready and available to hospitals and clinics across the country. While blood donations are purported to be the gift of life, there are risks and complications caused by improper blood transfusions. Negligent handling, preparing, or administering a blood transfusion can cause catastrophic injuries and wrongful death. In cases of harm resulting from improper blood transfusions, an experienced personal injury attorney can advocate for the patient’s legal rights or their families.        Continue Reading

Does a Notice of Garnishment Hearing Eliminate all Your Options?

Wage garnishment

As you continue to deal with the ever-mounting debt that you have accumulated, it may feel as though you can physically feel the weight of these debts. Having outstanding balances can lead to quite a bit of stress and even if you want to get your financial affairs in order, you may have very little money to spare when it comes to paying down or paying off your balances.        Continue Reading

Nursing Home Negligence: Falls Resulting in Significant Harm and Wrongful Death

nursing home

      Placing a loved one in a long-term care facility, also known as a nursing home, can traumatize a family. This difficult decision, usually the result of an emergent situation or chronic health concern, can leave the family wrought with feelings of guilt, grief, and anxiety. As the resident and their loved ones adjust to lifestyle changes, it is not easy to trust and have confidence in the care provided. Especially for the most vulnerable persons requiring around-the-clock supervision and intensive care. So, what happens when your worst fears become a reality? The phone rings, and you are informed your loved one has had a severe fall with injury or death? If you find yourself in this situation, it is important to get in touch with a personal injury attorney in Orlando to help manage your claim. A serious injury in a nursing home may result in medical bills and other challenges that can be difficult to manage on your own. The Badgley Law Group can help victims of personal injury in Florida recover compensation for damages.        Continue Reading

Medication Errors in Healthcare Institutions

Medication errors

Medication errors are preventable events resulting in life-threatening medical situations, congenital deformities, permanent disabilities, and even death for unsuspecting patients. These errors are a threat to patient safety that can lead to devastating patient outcomes. Medication errors are acts of medical negligence that can occur through improper prescribing, transcribing, dispensing, administering, or monitoring of patients. It is a severe public health problem, causing widespread effects on patients and their loved ones.        Continue Reading