Wrongful Death: What You Need to Know

Wrongful Death

The death of a loved one is catastrophic, no matter what the circumstances. But if that death was caused by someone else – either intentionally or unintentionally – it can mean that the pain surrounding your loved one’s passing may just be getting started. If you feel their death was what is known as a “wrongful death,” you may want to take legal action.        Continue Reading

Does the Age of the Victim Matter in a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Personal Injury

In many situations, when someone is involved in an accident, it is not just the injury victim who is affected. While it may only be one person who is hurt in a car accident or slip and fall, their entire family may be impacted, too. Spouses, children, parents and others who rely on the injured person may also experience a change in their lives. As a result, a single accident may result in several personal injury claims.        Continue Reading

How Much Should Orlando Hospital Ratings Affect Your Healthcare Decisions?

Apart from being known as one of the most fun and exciting vacation destinations in the world, central Florida is also home to some of the best hospitals regionally, as well as nationwide.

According to the 2016 Best Hospital Rankings by US News, Orlando Regional Medical Center ranks nationally in 5 pediatric specialties, number 11 regionally; while Florida Hospital is ranked regionally at number 6 among hospitals in the state with marks for high performance in 9 adult conditions and procedures.        Continue Reading

Top 5 Most Common Medical Malpractice Errors

Medical Malpractice

For the most part doctors, nurses and other members of a medical staff – whether they work at a doctor’s office or a hospital – strive to do the best job they can. They know how much patients depend on them to treat what are often serious medical problems; they also don’t want to leave themselves open for medical malpractice lawsuits. Now we share Top 5 Most Common Medical Malpractice Errors.        Continue Reading