Should Orlando homeowners hire an attorney to defend mortgage foreclosure?

hire an attorney to defend mortgage foreclosure?

Hiring an Orlando mortgage foreclosure defense attorney may be the smartest decision some Orlando homeowners make this year.  Last week, the Orlando Sentinel reported that mortgage foreclosure filings increased in September by a whopping 42%, after banks flooded the courts with an additional 3,209 mortgage foreclosure lawsuits.  The only good news to this statistic is that the number of filings is down from September 2010. That was when the number of foreclosure lawsuits in Orlando peaked just before mortgage defense attorneys exposed banks in the  “robo-signing” scandal that forced many lenders to suspend their efforts on seizing homes.  Now, the foreclosure mills are back with a fury.  In addition to the increased number of Orlando mortgage foreclosure filings,  a similar increase in number of initial default notices sent to Orlando homeowners suggests that this is the begnning of a new wave of mortgage foreclosure in Orlando.        Continue Reading

For sale: underwater homes in Orlando bankruptcy court – banks get them cheap!

A bomb was dropped today on a roomful of Orlando bankruptcy lawyers who were attending the Central Florida Bankruptcy Law Association’s annual seminar.  The newsflash deals with what mortgage companies are doing to snatch the  homes of families who are seeking debt relief in chapter 7 bankruptcy court.  It all has to do with the wildcard exemption. Let me explain.        Continue Reading

A good day in chapter 13 bankruptcy court – stripping a lien, saving a home

Today was a good day for my client, who has been in chapter 13 bankruptcy since January of this year: her chapter 13 plan was approved by the bankruptcy court.  When she first came to my office to speak with a bankruptcy attorney , she didn’t know she needed a chapter 13 bankruptcy.  She only knew that she didn’t have enough income to pay her debts, and that it was likely that she would never pay them off with her salary from the Orange County School System.  She had heard about chapter 7 bankruptcy and thought that would help her discharge excessive credit card debt and give her a fresh start in her financial life.  What she didn’t know about is how she could significantly improve the mortgage financing on her home, by stripping the second morgtgage lien.  It took me some time to help her understand that a Chapter 13 plan was the best option for her.        Continue Reading

You can help stop mortgage foreclosure in Orlando – sign a petition today!

Have you noticed that mortgage foreclosure in Orlando is still occurring at record levels? Isn’t it time that someone do something about all the underwater homes in our community? Well you can – Sign the petition to support an intelligent solution! The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys is advocating for a solution to the mortgage foreclosure crisis. May be your mortgage isn’t in trouble, but your neighbor’s might be.  Help your neighborhood and sign the petition today!        Continue Reading

Orlando foreclosure and filing bankruptcy – saving a home

Orlando home foreclosures and Orlando bankruptcies have been the subject of a lot of news.  As with many topics of widespread interest, misinformation and myths have sprouted regarding what a bankruptcy can do for homeowners going through a mortgage foreclosure. Today, a very distressed couple consulted with me regarding their foreclosure.  Their home was scheduled for a foreclosure sale in Lake county for the following day.  They believed that filing for bankruptcy would help them save their home from foreclosure, even though they could not afford to make a monthly mortgage payment.        Continue Reading

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