What is a 341 Meeting in an Orlando Bankruptcy?

What is a 341 Meeting in an Orlando Bankruptcy?

When you file a bankruptcy in Orlando, your 341 meeting is scheduled almost immediately. With an experienced bankruptcy attorney, it should go smoothly and quickly.

When does the 341 meeting happen?

In the Orlando bankruptcy court, the 341 meeting is usually scheduled to take place within 45 days of the date your bankruptcy petition is filed.  Every person who files an Orlando bankruptcy is required to attend the 341 meeting in person.  The 341 meeting is not a court appearance.  In fact, no judge is present.  Rather, a 341 meeting is an appointment with the bankruptcy trustee that is assigned to your case when you file.        Continue Reading

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy not for everyone – can you pass the means test?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the fastest legal way to discharge unmanageable debt.  However, many people who come to me for advice on filing bankruptcy are surprised to learn that they earn too much income to qualify for this form of debt relief.  This week, I spoke with a gentleman who was a perfect candidate for a chapter 7 bankruptcy: a recent divorce has left his personal finances in disarray, with a mortgaged house that neither he and his former wife can afford to pay.  However, this father of one earns $85,000.00 a year – too much income to qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy.        Continue Reading

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