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Filing a chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney in Orlando is the perfect solution for keeping a home in foreclosure, lowering car payments, getting control over high monthly debt payments, and generally getting finances in control.

chapter 13 bankruptcy

This bankruptcy is required for Orlando individuals and families who have high (higher than the median income in the State of Florida) incomes. It is also available to those at any income level who want to work out a deal with their creditors to keep their property.  An experienced bankruptcy attorney knows how to use Chapter 13 bankruptcy to restructure and modify certain debts to make them easier to repay.

Also, most forms of debt can be discharged in a chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney Orlando, including credit card debt, judgments, loan accounts, personal guarantees, and even divorce property settlements. In Orlando, a chapter 13 bankruptcy can also be used to get relief from unmanageable student loan debt, and to arrange a payment plan with the IRS, even those most tax debts and student loans are not dischargeable in chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Some of the benefits of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy include:
  • Stopping foreclosure to get current on the mortgage and keep the house;
  • Stripping off mortgage liens and eliminating excessive mortgage debt, even while keeping the property;
  • Peace of mind from obnoxious bill collectors;
  • Cessation of all collection efforts;
  • Modifying terms and balances of car loans;
  • Arranging a payment plan for all creditors;
  • Stopping penalties and interest for repayment of taxes.

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There are many more benefits, depending on the debtor’s unique situation and circumstances.

What is Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Orlando? A plan is presented to the court that allows the debt to keep their property while making monthly payments to creditors. The plan must last from three to five years, depending on your level of income. All chapter 13 bankruptcies in Orlando are supervised by the Trustee’s office. The plan payments are calculated based on the debtor’s monthly income and expenses. As your Orlando Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney, my job is to negotiate the lowest monthly plan payment possible.


Formulating a Chapter 13 plan can be a complex task, and it requires extensive knowledge of the bankruptcy code. Not all bankruptcy attorneys know and understand how to help their clients with the laws the apply to chapter 13 bankruptcies. If you feel that you are in need of the benefits and solutions that are offered by a chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney Orlando, call our office today for a free consultation to explore this solution!

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