Orlando Foreclosure and Loan Modification Attorney

 Orlando Foreclosure and Loan Modification Attorney

Defending mortgage foreclosure is your right as a homeowner. Is your Orlando home in mortgage foreclosure? Or have you received a notice from your lender that you are in default of your mortgage? Working with an experienced and skilled attorney to defend mortgage foreclosure can help you save your home, or ease the transition to your next living arrangements.

Every homeowner in foreclosure has legal options!

Orlando homeowners in mortgage foreclosure are experiencing the challenges brought on by unprecedented economic decline. Large institutional lenders and banks are clogging the courts by seizing homes at an unprecedented rate. They are hoping that Orlando homeowners will not defend their mortgage lawsuits. As a homeowner, you can benefit from having a mortgage defense attorney on your side to help your family stay in your homes while facing unemployment, uninsured medical bills, or the financial distress caused by economic forces outside of your control.

As a homeowner who has invested money, time and effort into owning your home, you are entitled to:
  • Demand that the Bank follow legal procedure in the mortgage foreclosure lawsuit
  • Require that the bank comply with all court procedures before taking back your house
  • Use the protections of Florida Mortgage foreclosure law and the courts to enable you to arrange your affairs
  • Make sure that the bank is the correct party to be foreclosing against you
  • Protect yourself from a deficiency judgment for the mortgage debt
  • Have an informed guide to help you through the mortgage foreclosure process.

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As an experienced Orlando mortgage foreclosure attorney, Jeff Badgley can help you understand the realistic options that are available through the legal system. We can help you avoid being taken advantage of by lenders, and other players in the mortgage industry, many of whom may have violated Florida or Federal laws in obtaining and enforcing mortgages on Central Florida and Orlando area homes.


You may benefit from aggressively defending the mortgage lawsuit, or it may be time to consider a bankruptcy proceeding to work with your lender to find a way to keep you in your home.

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