Same-Sex Married Couple Files for Bankruptcy in Orlando

Badgley Law Group is committed to the rights of all married couples, and helping them through the bankruptcy process. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we present to you a case study of our Chapter 7 clients Kyle and Joshua, a Deland couple who married in Washington, D.C. in 2013. Did you know that until a few years ago, same-sex couples couldn’t file a joint petition for bankruptcy? Had Kyle and Joshua come to us for help then, we could not have facilitated a joint Chapter 7 filing.         Continue Reading

What Happens If I Don’t Like My Bankruptcy Attorney?

What Happens If I Don't Like My Bankruptcy Attorney?

So, you’re on the path to filing for bankruptcy, and you’ve just had a realization: “I may have chosen the wrong attorney. I’m afraid this won’t go well for me.” When it comes to your financial future, trust and confidence is fundamental, and perhaps your attorney has done something (or failed to do something) that has ultimately compromised that trust and confidence.  You may be legitimately concerned that the lawyer you chose to do your bankruptcy case is not going to do a good job This is a serious concern when your financial future is on the line.        Continue Reading

Orlando Short Sale NOW, Before Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Law Expires

Orlando Short Sale NOW, Before Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Law Expires

A law that helps Orlando homeowners avoid taxes on the short sale of their home is scheduled to expire at the end of this year. A short sale is one of the best non-bankruptcy alternatives for the many Orlando homeowners who are in financial distress due to having an underwater home. In a short sale transaction, the home is sold and the bank that holds the mortgage agrees to accept payment for less than the mortgage loan balance. An Orlando short sale allows the homeowner to transfer title, avoid foreclosure, and eliminate their mortgage debt.        Continue Reading