3 Types of Car Accidents that Require Help from an Attorney

Each year, there are approximately 10 million car accidents in the U.S. With so many accidents occurring on the roads, it is virtually impossible to name all the different types of collisions that may occur. However, there are specific types of accidents that occur more frequently than others.  One sobering fact is that in 2016 there were 37,461 fatal car accidents, 3174 of those in Florida. As an experienced car accident lawyer in Orlando we know the ins and outs of car accidents based on our own cases as well as Orlando car accident reports.        Continue Reading

Slip and Fall Injuries : Common Hazards That Can Cause These Accidents

Venturing out into the world daily is something we all do. Whether going to work or to the grocery store, you should always be aware of what’s going on around you. However, some people get comfortable and complacent as time goes by, which can lead to them having an accident. With nearly 8 million emergency room visits being made each year due to slips and fall injuries, you have to be aware of the dangers these types of accidents pose.        Continue Reading

Backyard Safety Tips From Pool Accident Lawyer Jeff Badgley

Backyard Safety Tips From Pool Accident Lawyer Jeff Badgley

We’re a state of swimmers: splashing in our oceans, lakes, and pools is a cherished Florida pastime. Our state values swimming education, encouraging children to learn water survival skills at a young age through programs like YMCA’s Safe Start. And yet despite these precautions, annually in Florida “enough children to fill three or four preschool classrooms drown and do not live to see their fifth birthday.” Here in Florida we have the highest drowning death rate in the nation for children under 5. Over 60% of those drownings occur in residential swimming pools. And we have more than 1 million residential pools in our state.        Continue Reading

How to Deal with Medical Debt

One of the biggest challenges consumers face today is mounting debt. From credit cards to student loans to underwater mortgages, debts can stack up to the point where they become overwhelming. Some of these debts can be managed; we can learn to curb our spending via credit cards for example or refinance a mortgage under the HARP program. There are certain debts however that we can have little control over and those include medical debt. After all, few would argue that nothing is more important that our health, or the health of our loved ones.        Continue Reading