7 Things To Do After a Orlando Car Accident

When you are involved in a car crash, the immediate aftermath is dominated by pain, fear, confusion, anxiety and distress. After a car accident, it’s not always easy to make rational decisions. Many accident compensation lawsuits are lost because of something the driver failed to do. That’s why it is important to understand what you are expected to do once an accident happens in Florida. Even though the circumstances may make it difficult to remain composed, keeping calm is vital. The following are 7 things you must do after an Orlando car accident.

Call 911 and/or the Police

Saving lives should be the number one priority. The 911 call serves two purposes. First, it’s an official notification that an accident has occurred. Second, you can request for medical assistance if there is an injury or fatality. Even if no one was hurt, calling law enforcement would provide importaOrlando Car Accident nt support in a potential lawsuit in future since the police officers will do a report that records their assessment of who was at fault. The police record will detail all key elements of the collision including names, vehicle registration, road conditions and witness statements.

Remain at the Scene

Leaving the scene of a car accident prematurely is referred to as a hit-and-run and is a serious offense especially if injury or death occurred. Even when the car accident doesn’t seem serious and there are no obvious injuries, it is best to play it safe by staying for longer to make an accurate assessment of the damage. If your physical state allows you to do so, make sure everyone else is alright and provide first aid where required. For individuals who seem seriously injured, don’t move them until emergency responders arrive.

Take Pictures

Pictures create a visual record of the event. In decades past, a driver taking photos of a car accident they were involved in was not always possible since not everyone carried a camera with them. The ubiquitous camera phone has changed all that. Virtually everyone has a cell phone with a camera so there should be little reason not to take pictures of the accident. Do not just capture the vehicles but also any injuries you experienced.

Exchange Information

Reach out to the other drivers involved in the accident and exchange details including names, address, phone numbers, vehicle registration, driver’s license numbers and insurance information. If passengers were hurt, collect their details too. The goal is to capture as much information around the car accident as is possible. This could prove crucial if the case ends up in court.

Contact your Insurer

Talk to your insurance company at the earliest possible and irrespective of whether you intend to seek compensation from the other driver’s insurer. Most insurance policies require drivers involved in an accident to report to the insurer immediately while providing as much detail as they can.

Take Safety Precautions

It’s not unusual for another vehicle to come crashing into the scene of a car accident. Therefore, making sure neither you nor the other parties are exposed to the danger of a second accident is key. If the accident was minor, nobody was injured and the vehicles are drivable, move them off the road to avoid obstructing traffic.

However, if the Orlando car accident led to injury, death or major property damage, the cars should remain in place until law enforcement arrives. Turn on the car’s’ hazard lights or place warning triangles on the road. Irrespective of whether the cars remain on the road or are moved off it, all persons should move out of the road.

Contact your Orlando Car Accident Attorney

Once an accident occurs, the insurers of the drivers involved will establish who is financially liable. Most times, the matter is closed with mutual agreement. In other instances however, one party may want the issue decided by the courts. Get in touch with an Orlando car accident attorney if there’s a likelihood of your dispute ending up before the courts. Quality representation is crucial in ensuring you get what is rightfully yours.

The Badgley Law Group has several years experience handling Orlando car accident cases in Florida. Your choice of attorney could make or break your case. Do not take chances if you have been involved in a collision. Talk to our team of attorneys today.


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